Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Sadly no, not at this time. However, if you have any questions or concern, reach out to Chels at chelsea@hunterfinn.co and we will see what we can do! 

Who made the clothes?

We work directly with a small-scale, family owned and operated business in Punjab province, Pakistan to produce these garments. 

The cotton is grown by smallholder farmers then transported to a mill to be cleaned and spun into fabric. Once the fabric has been dyed and rolled, it is purchased by our supplier. 

The garment is then cut, sewn, embroidered/printed, tagged and labeled all under the same roof. 

This allows us to cut out a few steps of the conventional supply chain and ensure the maximum amount of money is going directly into the pockets of the people who make the clothes!

Is the cotton certified organic?

No it’s not. Seems weird right?

The thing about organic certifications is they cost a lot of money. Much of the cotton grown in Punjab is grown on small scale family farms. These farmers cannot afford the high price of certifying their farm as organic. By ensuring we know who makes our clothes and fighting for greater demand for organic products, we hope this changes some day soon!